Cirque Hirsute was created in 2006 by Mathilde Sebald and Damien Gaumet who are aerial artists trained at the higher education school of Circus Art in Brussels.

The company settled in the city of Die in the Rhône Alpes region and started developing atypical approaches to creativity by mixing traditional circus practices with a contemporary circus narrative based on humour and poetry. Aside from work on character development, the company focuses on new circus challenges. Scenes are also guided by the use of unusual objects and apparatus, new, old or long forgotten.

The Cirque Hirsute have toured throughout Europe since 2006 performing in both outdoor and indoor festivals:

- Bal Caustique (2006-2010)

- Toccata (2009-2011)

- le Blues de la Mancha (2012-2015)

- les Butors (création 2014, en tournée actuellement)

- le Flâneur (en création pour 2016)


Mathilde Sebald and Damien Gaumet are graduated from the ESAC (High Circus School from Brussels), where they met.